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Three Best Museums You Must Visit While in Singapore

Almost every country has museums that could be a public destination. It usually becomes one of the travel lists for some people. They could learn a bit about the culture and take some attractive photos. For instance, you could find numerous appealing museums in Baltimore, as discussed on the Ecotek Power Wash page. However, you will discover unique museums in Singapore. Therefore, you could have another exciting moment while traveling to Singapore. Here are three museums in Singapore that you can easily visit in a day.

national museum of singapore

National Museum of Singapore

During the Japanese occupation, the monument remained largely intact. It is for the preponderance of its collections and the integrity of its studio. Today, the museum’s Neo-Palladian Renaissance facade is one of Singapore’s most recognizable landmarks. Valuable collections from other world-renowned museums are often displayed here. It also began the country’s journey to freedom. Thus, many displays are dedicated to depicting the hardships of those terrible decades. It includes an entire gallery aptly named “Surviving Syonan.” Also, you could see magnificent light and laser shows in the museum.

Peranakan Museum

peranakan museumIn earlier times, Han Chinese migrated from China established large families in Southeast Asia, and incorporated many Malay regions (Nusantara) culture into their way of life. The Peranakan Museum presents this fascinating mix in compact and striking exhibits. The term Peranakan is another term for “Narrow Settlement” culture. It is one of the largest museums in Singapore, and many of the exhibits can easily be explored in an hour.

Besides, it is convenient to find this museum. The Peranakan Museum is located on Armenia Street, which leads to Stamford Road, where the National Museum of Singapore is located. The short L-shaped walk between the two museums is an easy five-minute stroll. The gate is near from MRT station. Therefore, you could see other exciting views before and after visiting the museum.

Singapore Philatelic Museum

The smallest museum on this list, the Singapore Philatelic Museum, is located on Coleman Street, a one-minute walk from the Peranakan Museum. The museum was established in 1995 to increase awareness of Singapore philately and promote appreciation of Singapore’s history. The museum’s collections include Singapore stamps and philatelic materials from the past to the present. Its compact size and lively temporary exhibits also make it a popular destination for faculty outings. Therefore, this museum is suitable for philately. Besides, you could book a museum tour if you would like to have a guide.

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