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The Three Classic Super Mario Game Series

Who does not know Super Mario Games? Everyone who grown-ups in the last half-century would recognize this famous Nintendo game. Among other stands out gaming systems in the market, Nintendo has known to be the most popular one because of the Super Mario Games. This best-selling game all the times have come in numerous versions and platform. The latest update even indicates that you can play this video game on your iPhone using Delta Emulator. In this article, an overview of the three best classic Super Mario Games would be presented to reminisce the game for the fans and enlighten those who have not tried this superb game. Keep reading on and chill!

super mario

Super Mario Brother

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) launched Super Mario Brothers with two players system. In this game, the player aims to help the main character facing many obstacles, such as annoying animals and treacherous paths. All the journeys acquiring his athleticism skills are used to rescue Princess Toadstool from his evil opponent, King Koopa. Along the way, the character can collect extra lives, coins, and different power-ups. This game has two power-ups, the mushroom and the flower. The first one helps the character grows bigger, while the latter gives firepower to attack all the screen enemies. In this classic game installment, there are 32 levels you can play and presented in eight different worlds.

Super Mario Brothers 2

super marioThe second installment of this game comes in two different versions. One is called Lost Levels, and the other is called Super Mario 2. However, the first version is only available in Japan. Meanwhile, American gamers can play the second version. In this version, the game story is based on a nightmare of the protagonist. However, players can choose between four protagonists with each different skill, like jumping higher than others. Also, Princess Toadstool can glide through the atmosphere for a short period.

Playing this version is a bit different in terms of attacking enemies. The character cannot shoot with flower power-ups, but picking up an object and throwing it to the enemies to knock them down. Finding power-ups is also not as easy as the first one, as you have to find a potion to get into a place temporarily to find the mushroom. The unique game scenario appears in the final battle. The selected character must throw vegetables into Wort’s mouth, the boss. After defeating the boss and a little ceremony, the chosen character’s nightmare is ended.

Super Mario Brothers 3

Many gamers consider this version as the best game in the classic Super Mario series. This version is basically much more similar to the first game with its two-player style. Also, both power-ups are there with the same function. However, this version adds one power-up designed as a leaf that can change a character into many things, such as a hammer brother suit, a frog suit, a raccoon, or a Tenuki costume. Of course, they have a specialized function to enhance character power. The best thing about this version is that players can collect power-ups to use it later, making the gaming experience pleasurable. It is not surprising that this version is the most popular one and becomes the foundation of Super Mario games creation.

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