Tips to Improve Your Marketing With Google Analytics

Do you use Google Analytics for content marketing strategies? Are you optimizing applications that work with Google Analytics? Integrating information from third-party software, plugins, and platforms with Google Analytics provides insight into your online advertising efforts. In this post, we showcase some tips to help you get more out of Google Analytics for your marketing. 

Add Google Analytics to WordPress

bloggingYou can safely add Google Analytics to your self-hosted WordPress site using Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin. The plugin allows you to set up complex features such as tracking routing clicks, downloads, and internal links that redirect to external pages; for example, affiliate links you generate on your domain ( The premium version of Yoast offers more complicated features like tracking views by author, views by post form along other exceptional dimensions.

Integrate All Analytics Programs

If you want to merge Google Analytics data with other analytics platforms and resources to gain insights into your traffic, you should try Segment. The platform allows you to manage data from over 100 different advertising, analytics, developer, ad, sales, support, and customer testing programs in one place. Just add a tracking code to your website, and the rest of the tracking codes from any platform you choose are managed by Segment. Segment offers a free strategy to use Google Analytics with 20 other amazing platforms. Premium applications for integrations with multiple periods start at $29 per month, depending on the integrations you want.

Visualize Google Analytics Data

Chances are, with a tool like Cyfe, you can view and compare data from multiple websites at the same time in Google Analytics. Use Cyfe’s dashboards to see a summary of page views, sessions, and users on your sites, and then analyze the information to see broader trends like:

  • Conversions, traffic sources, bounce rate, and customer location
  • Traffic from search engines and social networks
  • Traffic like customers, customer location, traffic sources, and the posts they view.

You can also use it to create dashboards that provide a complete view of visitors to your sites in real-time, such as users, customer location, traffic sources, and posts they view. With a premium upgrade, you can create unlimited dashboards and widgets from over 50 advertising, blogging, analytics, email, benefits, SEO, social media, and support platforms for only $19 per month.

Learn Email Marketing Traffic

digital-marketingWant to link your marketing efforts to Google Analytics? Email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact, and Vertical Response allow you to track traffic from links in your emails to your email campaigns. For example, with MailChimp you can evaluate 1 field to add UTM parameters to links when you create an email, so you can see traffic from those hyperlinks in Google Analytics.

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