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Reasons Why You Should Participate In The Breast Cancer Walk

Breast Cancer has become a common disease in the society today. Planned interventions and awareness creation efforts have also been implemented in minimizing the rate of prevalence of the disease through early diagnosis and treatment. As a result, to complement the actions of the medical practitioners and cancer-affiliated associations, event organizers organize for Breast Cancer Walks, Runs, and other corporate nature events. These walks attract many participants who come forth to show solidarity against cancer and support survivors as well as patients.


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Most Breast Cancer Walks aim at raising funds that are injected into the activities of diagnosing and treating the condition. Most of the funds raised go towards supporting women who have the condition as well as survivors. Additionally, the funds raised support local and international governmental and non-governmental agencies to reach out to breast cancer patients by providing the necessary medical supplies and healthcare services. Moreover, these funds go towards educating various societies on the condition. Also, the funds are channeled towards breast cancer screening, treatment as well as in research and development.

Create awareness

Moreover, by participating in a Breast Cancer walk, one joins others in creating awareness of the condition in the society. This way the government and other non-governmental associations can act and implement policies that minimize the spread of the disease. Additionally, by participating in the walk one gets trained and receives information about Breast Cancer, therefore, become committed ambassadors who teach their peers and friends about the disease and how to control its spread well as how to detect it in its early stages.

Free check-ups

During the walks, some health care providers volunteer to give free medical check-ups to interested individuals. As a result, by participating in the walk one gets to benefit from the free medical camps which are strategically placed within the events area or in select malls. Most free check-ups involve screening and mammography which assist one to understand their status.

Support patients and survivors

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Interestingly, through participating in Breast Cancer Walks, an individual or a business entity supports breast cancer patients and survivors. Cancer is a serious disease, and the patients and survivors need to feel appreciated and encouraged as they undergo their treatment. Moreover, it is possible to form support teams during the walk in showing love and compassion to the patients and survivors while at the same time participating actively in corporate social responsibility activities.


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