Tips to Save Money in the Military

Simple Tips to Save Money in the Military

Saving money in the military is easy thanks to the many programs offered by the government. However, sometimes we are still facing many issues regarding saving our money in the military. It is especially when we are trying to save on tactical gear and other military needs. That’s said, this article is for us. Here are some helpful tips to help our men and women in uniform do just that.

Tips to Save Money in the Military

Find Good Deals When Buying Tactical Gear

Tactical gears are essential for every military individual. So, buying tactical gear is also a must. However, we can also save a lot money when buying tactical gear. First, you can try to check any thrift shops for the gear you want to get. Then, you can look for any discounts on the Internet regularly. Sometimes, some stores offer good deals on their tactical gear. Finally, you can try to find similar items with it as sometimes it can be expensive.

Save Your Income Properly

Tips to Save Money in the MilitaryAs a young man in the military, you can count on much of your payment being discretionary. Saving it is the real challenge, especially once you’re off base. Assuming you stay awake, you need to accumulate some serious savings-how can you do that? If not, USAA offers excellent banking services for military members, as it is a bank available only to current military ex-members and their families. Or try a high-interest savings account, such as the FDIC Discover guaranteed online savings account, which offers 0.40% APY with no minimum balance required.

Use Military Discounts

Whether you’re in a combat zone or near the foundation in California, military discounts are available to help you spend less. Many entertainment venues offer military discounts; often all you have to do is ask. You should find out what you qualify for and take advantage of the many businesses that are happy to support our military. You will be amazed at the number of businesses that own veterans.

Focus on the Little Things

Once you’ve set up your savings account and taken advantage of the mortgage and education benefits offered by the military, it’s time to consider the smaller benefits. You can do many small things as a member of the agency to save money here and there. For example, did you know that gas is often the cheapest at the foundation? Fill up before you leave the Foundation to take advantage of some of the cheapest gas prices in the area.

That’s because the commissary has to sell things at cost, translating into big savings on your groceries and household items. The commissary also doesn’t charge normal taxes on goods. Instead, it charges a 5% surcharge. Also, the commissary has coupons that you can use, and they also accept coupons from civilian merchants. However, you cannot combine these offers to get additional savings.

Save Your Money on the Healthcare

Protecting the freedom of millions of people is a job that service members do not take lightly. Putting their lives on the line is a sacrifice for which we are grateful. Because of the dangers of serving in the military, all service members, and often their dependents, are entitled to free health care.

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides free medical and hospital care, classified as vital to “restore and maintain health.” They are always ready to answer questions, help with promises, and provide exceptional and accurate information. Dental care is also essential, and you can get it for free because excellent oral hygiene should maintain your state of configuration.

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